The Most Innovative Restaurant Management Software. Increase operational efficiency Reduce costs by 3% to 5%. A Cost Accounting Approach.
Cloud-based | IBM & Mac Compatible
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Reduce Costs. Operate Efficiently. Increase Profits.
Return on Ingredients is the best restaurant management software you can choose to manage your restaurant operations. Our unique and innovative software is based on the lean principles used successfully in the manufacturing industry to create immediate impacts on your bottom line.
Recipe Costing &
Inventory Control
   Just In Time
  • Batch & menu level recipe costing
  • Complete costing with materials, labor and overhead
  • Real time depletion
  • Actual vs. theoretical benchmarks
  • Identify and react to variances
  • Dynamic & static pars
  • Produce only what you need
  • Order only what you need
  • Forecasting module
  • Reduce inventory level and waste
  • Improve cash flow
  • Vendor bids and contracts by markets
  • Make methodical decisions about your menu by markets and price tiers
  • Drive and design your menu for profitability
  • Analyze your menu using Cost Volume Profit techniques (CVP)
  • Current versus proposed menu analysis
Additional Features            
  • Purchase Orders and invoicing
  • Credit and debit memos
  • Special events and donations
  • Store and cost center transfers
  • Waste and breakage reporting
  • Production prep, stocking and line check sheets