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How It Works

Return On Ingredients® utilizes proven cost accounting management tools and best practices taken from the manufacturing industry and applying them to your business. 


Interfaces That Count

We work directly with you to ensure that the proper interfaces are in place so that the proper data can be obtained from your point of sale system. Interfaces can also be used to send summarized information to your accounting systems.

Accurate Forecasting

Utilizing not only the critical information from the point of sale system, Return on Ingredients will assist in increasing the accuracy of the forecasting capability. Both the historic data and forecasting will enable systems to predict production and ordering to a much more accurate level.


Gauge performance efficiencies on all of the components of cost (ingredients, labor and overhead) by utilizing accurate recipes. Determine how efficient you are by being able to identify and react to variances. 

Increase Accurate Recipe Costing

Take your recipe costing to a higher level! By utilizing the Return on Ingredients software you can now identify the total cost of the recipe: ingredients, labor and overhead. View recipe costs by each store location with ease.

Physical Inventory Management

Customize the inventory process for each location. The ability to create shelf-to-sheet count lists along with the ability to count items in multiple units of measure gives you the ability to quickly and efficiently conduct an accurate inventory valuation.

Just-In-Time (JIT) Production and Ordering

Combined with our forecasting module, you will now have the ability to calculate dynamic pars for prep production and ordering on a daily basis. This will prevent the risk of producing or ordering too much creating unnecessary waste and costs. 

Invoice Processing

Process invoices quickly matching the invoice to the issued dynamically calculated purchase orders. Quickly review the incoming invoice for accuracy and generate a summarized voucher that your accounting department can process. 

Menu Engineering

Use the Return On Ingredients unique methodology to engineer your menus for profitability. By utilizing the Return On Ingredients software solution, you can very methodically be able to plan profitability for your business.