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Q. Is Return On Ingredients® a cloud based system?

Yes. Return On Ingredients is a cloud based system and all the data is hosted by us. The user is able to know that automatic backups are conducted on all data continuously. It will also enable the user to access their data remotely from wherever they are provided that the security to do so is established.

Q. Is Return On Ingredients® Mac compatible?

Yes. Return On Ingredients® is both IBM and Mac compatible.

Q. What else is needed to run the Return On Ingredients® software?

Return On Ingredients® is a cloud based system and not browser based. You will need to have Java loaded on your system to run the software. This is a free download for you. The type of browser that you have does not have an impact on access of the software.

Q. I am a single location restaurant. Does the Return On Ingredients® software solution work for me?

Yes. The system was designed in a manner to service a sole location restaurant as well as a large chain.

Q. Is there a software contract that I have to commit to?

No. If you are not satisfied with the software or other services that Return On Ingredients® provides, you may terminate the relationship at any point.

Q. Can I obtain recipe costing without purchasing the software?

Yes. We can provide you recipe costing reports as a service without the purchase of the software. We do utilize the software to provide you the data that you need. At some future point in time, if you are considering software, the Return On Ingredients® software database has already been established.

Q. Do you provide menu design services?

Yes. We have a creative department to assist you in the creation and design of your menus to ensure their ability to generate revenue and profits. Inquire today to receive a quote on these important services.