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Recipe Costing & Data Entry

recipe costing

Return On Ingredients offers recipe costing as a separate service utilizing the same ROI software to provide you the costing reports that you need. By utilizing the software we can provide you updated recipe costing at any point in the future on an ongoing basis. When the day comes to consider software for your business, the database is already in place for you, making the implementation process much easier. 

data entry

With any software implementation, the hurdle is to get the initial database up and running. It can be overwhelming and at times all consuming. Return On Ingredients provides quality data entry services with personnel that not only know the systems, but know food. We can either assist in getting parts of the data entered or complete the whole project. We believe that the initial database is the largest hurdle to complete and hand-off to the client the ongoing maintenance. It is much easier to maintain the database than to create it from scratch. Inquire on how we can become part of your team in the implementation process.